Monday, January 30, 2012

Asphalt Seasickness........

So yesterday, (Saturday), I decided to be Super cool Mom and take Wolverine for his very first driving lesson.

Did you just fall out laughing? Because I knew it was going to be hellish before it started, but hey...he's got to learn how to drive sometime and since I'm the only biological parent he has in a 900 mile radius - this task falls on me too. I just didn't think it out all the way or I probably would have waited until I didn't have a raging sinus infection and my equilibrium was back up to par. But I didn't, so you get a funny story!

After driving all over Hell and back looking for a parking lot big enough to accommodate such a lesson, we finally found one after Mr.Man sent a text saying, "hey why don't you guys try this one?" Of course he was correct in thinking of this particular parking lot because it not only gave us enough of a straight away to practice "stop and go's" but also figure 8's (ugh), and Nascar style left turns and right turns.

Wolverine did great! Absolutely swimmingly for his time to ever be behind the wheel and have to use the gas and brake. Mom, yeah....uh boy...I was green after the second Nascar Left turn lap and then was really wanting my bed and bucket by the time we finished practicing the stop and go's.

The good thing is he feels proud and accomplished. And I feel good that he feels that way.

Not sure when Lesson 2 will commence, but it won't be today. Mom needs some recovery time. *haha*

mucho mas loco amore,

D6 out~

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