Monday, January 30, 2012


I'm on week 3 of Amberen, (hormone replacement therapy), to re-balance my hormones since my hysterectomy last April and to bring back my sanity.

So far I feel good about it overall. The only side effect I can feel that I'm having is the hot flash issue. I don't remember having this issue before the Amberen, though I could be wrong and just don't remember them like this because I was on Celexa at the time. (Everything on Celexa is nothing like it "really" is. It made me way too calm and numbed out about everything.)

So far so good. Emotionally I feel a LOT better. I'm happier more often than I am depressed. I think the depression in week 1 and 2 were more contributed from coming off the Celexa cold, rather than being a true depression. Not to say that I don't still suffer from real depression episodes, or climate/environmental depressions but they haven't seemed to be as often as they were prior to the Celexa.

I'm slightly victimized on the hyper side of things, but I do have adult ADHD. I prefer to be non-medicated though I have to force myself to slow down. 90 miles an hour is not anything unusual for me at all like this without meds. But I'm more organized, less willing to procrastinate, and more motivated to get to things, and see something through without moving on until its finished first. Oh yeah, and did I mention bluntly honest about how I feel and view things? Yeah, sometimes even brutal though I don’t mean to be. My BS filter seems to have slipped and I’m not real sure I’m going to put it back in place; not anytime soon anyway.I'm very much ME...someone I haven't been in a really long time. Been a long time and I needed that!

Now if the weight issue would right itself, and I think it will, then all will be well. From how I feel about the results so far and the promised effects of the Amberen on this in the months to come I’m very exicted and looking forward to more good things.

Let's see what month two on the Amberen brings. As of this moment, I give this product both thumbs up and ROCK ON signs \m/. I would definitely recommend this product to any woman/girl who suffers from any type of hormonal imbalance or PMS/PMDD. The changes I have experienced have been phenomenal.

Rock On Amberen! \m/ :D \m/

D6 out~



  1. I always think it is far more useful to read a drug review written by someone who uses it than the blurb from the company. Nicely done, and let's hope things keep improving for you.

  2. thank you!

    That's what I did before I tried it. I read all the reviews of real users, first, then made my decision to try it. Had fun writing this, thanks! :)

  3. glad to hear it is working for you.... :D (i mentioned on the GBE2 facebook page i couldn't read your post... but obviously i managed) ... good info.

  4. Good news--you found the right prescription for you!! Now the rest should hopefully fall into place. First hand, word of mouth reviews are the BEST. Thanks for sharing :) Cheers, Jenn

  5. finding the right script is the best feeling. Congrats